Check-In GCU


Because color teams and rooming assignments aren’t finalized until days before Kamp, embedding the check-in software in the portal will need to happen one of two ways:

1. Registration will need to be cut off 7 days before kamp runs, and teams/rooming assignments will need to be finalized 5 days before kamp runs. This allows enough time for the check-in site to be custom build for each kamp, and embedded either in the portal or on a public domain for ops students. This option allows us to keep generally the same system we’ve been running with, but not optimal because the time crunch for building the check-in site, and if something goes wrong, we don’t have much time to pivot. 

Doing a demo of Expo Pass, a new check in / registration software that would be pricy but replace about 4-5 different softwares we currently use. This would make option 1 much more doable. 

2. A system will need to be set up to automate / possibly randomize color teams (& ideally not but possibly also rooming assignments) in real time as people register. This would allow the check-in system to be embedded prior to registration dropping, update automatically with each registrant, and possibly replace resources like the attendee list spreadsheet and allergy list. A decent amount of creative brainstorming needed for this option.

I could set this automation up in a week using Zapier, the software we automate everything else with. The only issue is obviously the loss of control with randomizing students onto teams and into rooms.