women in business

Women In Business (WIB) is a student-run club available for all female Colangelo College of Business students who seek to network, collaborate, and enhance their learning experience while at Grand Canyon University. Students involved with GCU Women In Business may connect with top women business leaders, develop leadership skills, receive mentorship or serve as a mentor to incoming CCOB students.

As a member of the Women In Business Club, you will have access to our mentorship program. This program is designed to accelerate your academic experience, cultivate new connections, strengthen professional relationships, and ultimately empower & encourage you on your academic to career journey. 

This program seeks to serve members as a tool to connect like-minded individuals with the goal to go beyond the academic setting to grow, learn and further propel themselves as women in the workforce. Each member in the mentorship program will be either a mentor, an upperclassman, or a mentee, underclassman, that will be paired together based on career goals and interests with the goal of providing a rich and rewarding experience for both partners.

Want To Get Involved With WIB?