College Ave

We want everyone to know the freedom that comes from following Jesus. We want everyone to love him and to feel the love he has for us. But the heart can’t love what the mind doesn’t know so our first mission is to teach about the character and nature of Jesus.

When we know who Jesus is, we can feel our heart change to begin to follow and trust him. College Ave doesn’t want to simply teach facts about Jesus but to have our Church experience who Jesus really is and love Him as we are loved by Him.

When Jesus interacts with people in the Bible, he doesn’t simply ask that they know and love Him but that they follow him; that they surrender their lives and allow Jesus to transform them from the inside out.

Our culture for the most part has missed the true character of Jesus. He’s so different than the soundbites and extremes that the world tends to turn him into. The Bible has a far more beautiful, powerful and transformational Jesus that you can know, love, and follow personally.

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