Finding Community

     Your community over the next four years shapes a lot of your college experience. At Kamp Love, we want to equip you with resources to find your people before you ever step foot in the ARC. There’s a million places for you to get plugged in at PLNU, and we know it can seem overwhelming to know where and who to connect with. Below are some of the clubs, ministries, and churches on campus and across San Diego that want to welcome you with open arms.

Registration for the Spring Kamp Is Open!

When you arrive at Kamp Love, you will be met with opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and say yes without knowing all the details. We’re all about seeing lives transformed for the gospel through camping, connection, community and Christ.

Games. Hammock Hangs. Fire Talks. Worship. Messages. New Friends. Memories Made. Lives Transformed.

See you soon!

Grace Wisenor
Kamp Director

Hi! My name is Grace and I am a recently graduated Point Loma student from Danville, CA. I love the mission of Kamp and seeing lives transformed by the gospel. I believe that the Lord does a special thing when we all go to the mountains together to worship! I am believing in a movement of God focussed on young people gathered together in unity in the gospel. I think that Kamp Love is a ministry that God loves to use to make dreams like that a reality! 

Elijah Hagen
Kamp Director

Hi! My name is Elijah, I am a Sophomore Business major, from Danville, CA. I love Kamp! I have a heart for Kamp and its ministry to the students of Point Loma. I love the way that God moves through Kamp Love and feel so excited that I get to be a part of it.

Grace Blazina
Kamp Director

Hey! My name is Grace Blazina from Sacramento, CA. I am currently a senior at Point Loma. Kamp is a place for people to come who are seeking relationships that go deeper and where Jesus is at the center . It is a place that changed my life, and is where I first got baptized! I believe in Kamp, and I believe in the mission, that it meets kampers where they are at. It is a place that truth and life is sought out and brought into the lives of those who come ready to receive. I love Kamp. And I believe that when two or more are gathered, Jesus shows up!